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WeluNet Consulting takes pride in our close working relationships with our customers and value their feedback.  Below is a sampling of some of the nice things our customers have had to say.

  WeluNet is very responsive and effective. Efficient at finding inexpensive solutions to our enterprise business needs, and implementing them in a timely manner.
Derreck Woodruff, President - RAD Staffing
  We have used WeluNet Consulting for the past 14 years for all of our IT needs from hardware purchase consultation to implementation, networking, communications, and most important software implementation with custom software creation and deployment. The service level is second to none. John and staff will work around the clock if needed. They bring "Entrepreneur" style thinking and work ethic to each project and I am proud to consider WeluNet Consulting as one of our closest business partners.
Tim Minnihan, President - EMI
  WeluNet Consulting has been our prime source for technical support since the year 2000. The expertise offered by the staff at WeluNet Consulting has been professional and is always current with the most current technical requirements and trends. The customer service responsiveness surpasses our expectation.
Phil Osheim, President - PromoAdvantage Marketing
  WeluNet has been an absolute Godsend over the years. We have never had a problem that he did not answer immediately. They did not cost us money, they saved us a huge amount of money. Any business would make an excellent choice in retaining them.
Joseph Goetz, Owner - Puzzle Warehouse
  WeluNet Consulting is there when you need them most. Last Memorial Day weekend a lightning storm zapped our server's hard drive. John spent all day Sunday and Monday getting the system restored. It was fully operational Tuesday morning when we showed up after our three day weekend. Thanks John!
Joe Sullivan, Vice President - Orion Appraisals, Inc.
  CHS Payment Solutions has partnered with WeluNet Consulting for the past 3 years to help us distribute our electronic newsletter. They respond quickly to our needs and provide us with economical solutions.
John Hardman, Operations Manager - CHS Payment Solutions
  WeluNet Consulting has always been there for us at a time of emergency, no matter what hours or day of the week. They are very honest, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We wanted to hire them to write a program for us, but during the initial meeting John showed us how to accomplish what was needed by using our current software, saving us major $ in the process. WeluNet will actually charge you for 1/2 or even 1/4 hour if that's all it takes. Just about all other places will charge you for 1 hour even if it takes them 5 minutes. John's team is also great at finding reliable cost-effective solutions that won't have you spending more than necessary. Having a relationship with WeluNet Consulting has been a blessing! I highly recommend them to anybody!!
Alex Naboka, Manager of Information Technology - Business Impact Group, LLC
  WeluNet was referred to us by a satisfied customer. Their response to our inquiry was timely. The proposed solution to our problem was explained in a way that made sense to us and implementation was quick and efficient followed up with billing that was as quoted and presented efficiently. Bottom line is that we look forward to utilizing their services in the future as needs arise and would not hesitate to recommend WeluNet to anyone I know.
J Nick Schultheis, Managing Member - Transport Express, LLC